Alex Cranberg and Aspect are dedicated to and active in philanthropy. Alex's efforts are focused both on backing diversity and innovation in education and activism in a variety of public policy areas.

Alliance for CHOICE in Education

Alliance for CHOICE in Education

Alex Cranberg founded the Alliance for CHOICE in Education (ACE) in 2000 to provide children of low-income families with the power and freedom of genuine educational choice through financial scholarship, college-prep, career guidance, and school choice advocacy.

ACE is a Denver-based 501(c)(3) that seeks to level the playing field and provide equal access to quality K-12 private schools for children from low-income families. ACE has a direct impact in the lives of children in Colorado, Montana, Louisiana, and Kansas by empowering parents with the freedom of school choice by promoting an accountable and competitive education marketplace. Now in its sixteenth year, ACE has provided more than 20,000 scholarships, paid scholarship commitments approaching $35 million and established partnerships with more than 200 private schools.

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Foundation for Academic Innovation

Alex Cranberg founded the Foundation for Academic Innovation (FAI) in 2005 to support efforts to provide innovative educational solutions for at-risk children.

FAI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which specializes in support for and establishment of distance learning labs in remote locations where quality services are lacking or sufficient funds are not available to provide a high level of education.

FAI manages Project Hope in Belize, Central America where more than 800 at-risk students each year study online at 5 remote schools. The distance learning program is helping students improve their knowledge and therefore increase test scores on national qualifying exams. FAI works with various corporate partners and the Belize Ministry of Education to accomplish these goals.

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