Innovative Partnerships

At Aspect we believe in the power of partnerships… and supporting innovation through other entrepreneurs.

Current Partnerships

OneMap Mineral Services — Mackie Cannon

OneMap Mineral Services

OneMap Mineral Services is an organization dedicated to strategically evaluating and acquiring minerals throughout multiple basins in the US. Powered by an honest and dedicated team, their staff reflects a multi-disciplinary approach comprised of functional experts in Geology, Engineering, Land, Legal, Finance, GIS, Software, and Accounting.

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Raisa Energy LLC — Luís Rodriguez

Raisa Energy

Raisa Energy LLC is a Denver/Austin based O&G company that targets the aggregation of small Non-Operated working interests in the core of best unconventional basins, partnering with a select group of the best operators. Raisa has over 2,000 net acres in the DJ Basin and is currently expanding to the Williston, Anadarko Basin and beyond.

Past Partnerships

Energy Arrow — Matt Bob

Intrepid Mining — Bob Jornayvaz and Hugh Harvey

Aspect Abundant — Paul Favret

Quantum Resources Fund — Don Wolf

Superior Renewable Energy — John Calaway

Hungarian Horizon Energy — Ibolya Ernyey